Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Our belief is that financial success is attainable if we as financial advisors work together with our clients to help them achieve their goals. One important step in the process is reflection and renewal of our current habits and practices.

We are proud to offer individual financial plans for our clients, implemented through Interactive Financial Advisor’s straight forward evaluation method called the CARES Process. Using this process helps our clients verify that their future actions are consistent with their current beliefs.

The five-step process takes into account the personal values of each individual. The key is to remember YOU are the center of the process.


A discussion to create an awareness of the issues you will need to consider to determine your level of caring and commitment to your personal financial success using our self-evaluation CARES Score ®.


An interactive discussion where we listen and record what is really important to you. Essential information will be gathered to clarify your financial objectives and what you feel would Make Life Better for You.


We analyze and review with you, your specific financial situation, using our unique Making Life Better™ Calculator. This helps you clarify your expectations and prioritizes your goals and commitments.


Based on your financial situation analysis and the priorities you have identified, appropriate solutions will be custom-designed and presented. These solutions will be focused on your success.


We will establish well-structured communication and service schedule with you to stay on track and make any necessary future adjustments.